Why Energy Efficiency in ZE



C2C Approach





ZE has conducted over 900+ Energy Audits covering a wide spectrum of Industrial Sectors viz, Cement, thermal Power Plants, Pulp & paper, Pharma, Bulk Drugs, Refineries, Mining, Electricity Distribution Companies, Commercial & Institutional buildings and Others

ZE expert panel has a vide number of experts for each sector with surplus experience.
ZE has permanent employee staff with very good technical, communication and experience.
ZE has trained technicians on board with the company.



The following are the services offered by ZE under Energy Efficiency

Electrical Safety Audits


Energy Audits

Monitoring and IoT

Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT)

Energy Management Services from project planning phase

Financial Advisory Services


Energy Service Company (ESCO) offers energy services, usually design, retrofitting and implementation of energy efficiency projects with or without investment after identifying energy saving opportunities under shared saving model. ZE is an empanelled ESCO with BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency).

Safety Audits

ZE offers General safety audit, Fire safety audit and Electrical
safety audit as per appropriate standards for buildings as well as industries.

Energy Audits

Energy Audit is conducted in an industry or Commercial building with the aim of reducing energy consumption both electrical & thermal. Energy Audit identifies Energy saving opportunities with quick payback period. ZE has conducted Energy Audits of Large, Medium & small Enterprises located throughout the country.

PAT (Perform Achieve and Trade) Services

PAT scheme is a regulatory instrument to reduce specific energy consumption in energy intensive industries, with an associated market based mechanism to enhance the cost effectiveness through certification of excess energy saving which can be traded.

Under this scheme, reductions in specific energy saving targets are assigned to Designated Consumers (DCs) for a three year cycle.

Financial advisory services

ZE Supports the clients with financial advisory services as the company is backed up by financial experts. This support includes preparation of feasibility Studies/detailed project reports , financing structure for energy efficiency projects, identification of funding agencies etc.

Monitoring & IOT

Energy monitoring through IoT is carried out to get online data on energy consumption at regular intervals ( hourly or even for lesser duration) which enables any plant or building to gain control of the energy consumption. Besides monitoring , ZE also provides necessary analysis with key indicators of the energy consumption at regular intervals for an assessment of  the equipment performance , high or low energy consumptions etc.