Zenith Energy Services Private Limited (ZE) is an SME enterprise established at Hyderabad in the year 1991, committed to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with the objective of providing consultancy services in the areas of Renewable Energy, Energy efficiency and in climate change related activities.

Let’s Make
the Planet Cleaner

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Our Mission is to make a difference by developing cost efficient sustainable alternatives energy sources against traditional energy sources, without much dependence on Govt. incentives

Our goal is to revolutionize the energy delivery mechanism by giving customers ,  more affordable alternative energy solution to optimize their energy usage & reducing energy cost


  • Quality – we believe in quality of our work   
  • Service –  we believe in reliable, efficient and prompt service.
  • Integrity we maintain highest level of professional integrity in all our activities
  • Honesty – we work with each other and with our partners with utmost honesty and transparency
  • Sustainability – we evaluate all our activities with a sustainability lens and every decision is influenced by it
  • Care – we care about ourselves, our team, our associates and everyone whom we provide our services

Why Choose Us

ZE has been offering services to the promoters for setting up of Renewable Energy Projects in the areas of Biomass based power / Bagasse Co-Generation, Small Hydro, Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Waste to Energy. These projects are established PAN India

ZE has been offering energy efficiency and conservation services to Industrial and Commercial enterprises for reduction of Energy Cost, both thermal and electrical energy for over 15 years. ZE has conducted over 400 Energy Audits over the period covering a wide spectrum of Industrial Sectors viz, Cement, Thermal Power Plants, Pulp & paper, Pharma, Bulk Drugs, Refineries, Distribution Companies, Commercial & Institutional buildings etc.

Energy Audit is conducted in an industry or Commercial building with the aim of reducing energy
consumption both electrical & thermal. With setting up of BEE under Ministry of Power the importance of Energy Efficiency & Conservation has increased substantially. As the Energy Audit identifies Energy saving opportunities with quick payback period, many industries & Commercial establishments have taken Energy Audit seriously & got benefited from the implementation of  Energy Audit recommendations.

Base line studies are conducted to ascertain baseline energy consumption of an industry or an enterprise. These studies are sponsored by BEE, Govt. of India.

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Let’s Make the Planet Cleaner

ZE has been providing services in pursuit of Kyoto Protocol and now Paris Agreement. ZE has
supported developers for registering their projects to Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
and they were successful in registering with UN body more than 90 projects under CDM (during
2005-2012) and also supported developers to sell Certified Emission Reductions in the European market.

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