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Zenith Energy Services Private Limited (ZE) is an SME enterprise established at Hyderabad in the year 1991, committed to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with the objective of providing consultancy services in the areas of Renewable Energy, Energy efficiency and in climate-change related activities.
Realizing a positively transformative outcome for the peoples and the planet, we are providing efficient, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions to drive economic growth and enhance the living standards, worldwide.
We combine unmatched expertise with cutting- edge engagement capabilities to help clients achieve the efficiency of operation through improvement in productivity and competitiveness. Zenith Energy has been offering services for over 15 years to the promoters for setting up of Renewable Energy Projects in the areas of Biomass-based power / Bagasse Co-Generation, Small Hydro, Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Waste to Energy across PAN India. ZE has conducted over 400 Energy Audits over the period covering a wide spectrum of Industrial Sectors viz. Cement, Thermal Power Plants, Pulp & Paper, Pharma, Bulk Drugs, Refineries, Distribution Companies, Commercial & Institutional buildings, etc.
Improving industrial efficiency with our indigenous in-house technology and also providing consultation for the same, we aim forward on the path of a carbon-neutral economy.
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We are passionate entrepreneurs with a relentless desire to learn, innovate, and provide something new to the world. We work in an open culture, where smart efforts are recognized and rewarded while nurturing the spirit of teamwork.


In lieu of profit-making, we believe in trust and relation making works. With a responsible behavior, we abide by the rules, laws, and regulations of the countries where operations are being executed. We are confident enough to raise concerns and smart enough to consider the ideas brought to us.


Investing in communities we operate, our aim is to add long-term values to the society by minimizing the environmental impact. We visualize making the planet in its better form for the upcoming generations then we got it and with the ideology of sustainability, we perform our tasks.


We embody the ZenithEnergy brand and its independence in our everyday behavior and attitude. Being customer-centric and committed to excellence, we are always clear, concise, and correct; and respect the confidentiality and individual’s privacy.

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