ZE Provides Services related to power Transmission & Distribution such as study on existing transmission network, provide solution for reduction of line losses, better utilization of infrastructure, maximizing power generation through various natural resources, supply of quality power even at the tail ends through distribution network to all segments throughout the country.

The services comprising of the following


  • Loss reduction
  • Voltage Improvements
  • Efficiency improvement in Distribution
  • Best practices in Distribution
  • Cost reduction and Loss reduction
  • Demand Side Management
  • Static and Digital meters
  • Technical Advances in Metering, Billing & Collection
  • Detection of pilferage of Energy and Preventive methods
  • Energy Efficiency and conservation measures
  • DTRs- Failures & Remedies


  • Protection and Switchgear- Application, Testing and Commissioning
  • Transformers- Failures, Condition monitoring
  • Power Cables- Selection, Testing, Installation, Maintenance, Protection and Fault finding
  • Shunt Capacitors and Reactors- Selection and Application
  • Reactive power management in Power system
  • Voltage Improvement in Power system
  • GIS application
  • Energy Audit and Loss reduction in Transmission
  • Best Practices in Power system O & M
  • Open Access, power trading and Tariffs in ABT scenario
  • Power system Operation and Smart grid application
  • Load flow studies


ZE has been advising the clients with respect to regulatory issues relating to power procurement, review of Power Purchase Agreements, besides issues relating to Renewable Energy generation& integration with the grid.

  • Regulatory affairs and Commercial aspects
  • Energy Conservation
  • Renewable Energy Generation and Integration with the Grid

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