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Solar Energy

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About Solar Energy

Zenith Energy Solar Solutions (ZESS) is a specialized division of Zenith Energy Services Pvt Ltd.

Zenith Energy Solar Solutions(ZESS), focuses on providing customized solar power solutions to its clients. The financial models will encourage the industries, corporates and utilities to easily convince and passionately go for solar energy. We are empanelled Channel Partners of MNRE. Our strength lies in our team which has experience in the field of renewable energy. It provides a wide range of services, which include consulting, designing of the requirement, procurement, commissioning and after sales service.

ZESS Solar services include
  • Consultancy services for selection of a contractor for the supply of solar energy under open access or as an EPC contract following a transparent bidding process.
  • Project Maintenance, O&M
  • I&C, Engineering, Procurement, Construction
  • Remote monitoring of generation
  • Facilitating Solar PPAs & Solar leasing


PV Roof Solutions

Going for a roof-top solar will be the single impact you can have on future finances for 25 years. No surprises, your vacant roof earns for you.

ZESS partners with global and national leading module and component producers ensuring high-quality systems. Our systems synchronize with grid as well as diesel generator to give maximum benefit to the client.
ZESS provides customized PV rooftop solutions to residential homes, townships, apartments, industries, commercial establishments and corporate officess.
From paperwork to commissioning to monitoring ZESS handles everything for you.

  • Quick installation
  • Superior components
  • Reliable service
  • Optimum performance
  • Monitor generation on the go

Street Lighting

ZESS uses the latest LED technology in solar street lighting for a durable Non-polluting and independent light source. Our systems are equipped with an intelligent micro- controller and a motion sensor (optional) to automatically switch to a dimmed mode as and when required.Applications include high mast lighting, street lighting, highways, parking lot lighting, outdoor area lighting, shopping malls, stadiums, etc.


  1. Minimal maintenance
  2. Stylish and sleek look
  3. Best quality led lights
  4. Long lasting product life
  5. No power cost

Water Heating System

Hot water in any climate!! All you need is a little sun . . .

ZESS provides solar water heater systems which are excellent by design and come with quality components & reliable service for optimal performance.Our solar water heating systems ensure availability of hot water even on partially cloudy days.We design solar water heater systems for residential apartments, villas, hospitals, hotels, process industries and pre-heated water for boilers.Our technology includes ETC, FPC and pressurised systems.


  1. Eco – friendly
  2. Zero operational cost
  3. Simple and easy installation
  4. Hot water round the clock
  5. Durable and affordable
  6. Quickest return on investment

Security Fencing

Orange power . . . Your right to safety

Safety first !… ZESS provides state-of-the-art insulators and earthing, plus optional lightning protection and alarm devices, ensure your electric fence is safe and reliable, whatever the weather.

Applications: Industries, Residential townships, Villas, Government buildings,Commercial establishments, Temples, Corporate ofces, High security areas,Schools, Farm houses, Fields, Reliable live stock protection etc

Advantages: 24 hrs protection, durable, adds value to your home and buildings

Utility Scale

With every sunrise . . . we provide an oppurtunity to invest in sun innovatively!
Energy bills form a signicant share of overheads, and is imperative for manufacturing companies, commercial enterprises to control the energy costs to sustain economic viability.
ZESS works with the industry’s most reliable partners to develop, construct, nance and deliver top-end energy solutions for your solar utility scale investments .

ZESS is all about comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solat energy solutions that are truly taking energy to the next level.
ZESS builds MW scale solar PV projects for Captive / Group captive / Third party sale customers.Our design and superior components are the heart of every system we deliver. With competent experts to care your investments, we are committed to deliver you more returns.

Water Pumping

Are you still pumping water with non reliable grid power or costly diesel generator?

ZESS provides an affordable, efcient and maintenance free solar water pumping systems that can be used for, drinking water supply, livestock watering, irrigation etc., during day light hours, when you need it the most. No more fear of power cuts, heavy power bills, relying on untimely power supply…. Its free its clean its your own.

  1. Eliminate fuel charges
  2. Increased pump reliability
  3. Variable frequency drive (for optimum performance)
  4. Comes with tracking system & MPPT

Project Consulting Services

Investment timeline. Our experts provide the complete spectrum of all engineering disciplines in addition to planning, project management, environmental consulting and transactions advice.

Our project consulting services include the following

  1. Design the requirement
  2. Project engineering and planning
  3. Feasibility study and detailed project report
  4. Turnkey installations
  5. Project training and operation and maintenance