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Energy Efficiency

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Energy Efficiency

Zenith Energy offers complete range of services in Energy Efficiency (EE) for industry and other stake holders.

Ever increasing energy prices and shortage of energy coupled with concerns of Climate Change is driving industry and government to take action to reduce energy consumption. The government is acting through several regulatory measures (i.e., EC Act 2001, Perform-Achieve- Trade (PAT) for issuance and trading of energy saving certificates, Mandatory Energy Audits (MEA) for energy intensive sectors) and information instruments such as Standards and Labeling for key energy consuming equipment. The industry is driven by energy cost reduction opportunities to improve its profitability and competitiveness besides compliance to the regulatory requirements imposed by the government for energy efficiency.

The EE services offered by Zenith Energy would meet all business requirements i.e. Energy Cost Reduction, Compliance with BEE regulations. Zenith Energy is an Accredited Energy Auditing (AEA) firm as well as Empanelled Accredited Energy Auditing (EmAEA) firm.

We Partner

Zenith’s clientele includes all major energy intensive industries, commercial buildings and government departments.
  • Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Govt of India
    Accredited Energy Auditor and Empanelled AEA for PAT services by BEE
    Empanelled as Energy Service Company (ESCo) under grade 3
    Empanelled as Auditing agency under BEE-SME program and GEF-UNIDO-BEE Projects
  • Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency
    Empanelment for preparation of DPRs regarding EOI No.BREDA/Estab/24/13
  • New & Renewable energy development corporation of AP (NREDCAP)
    Empanelled as Energy Consultant
  • Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA), Govt. of Maharashtra
    Empanelled  as Consultant for -“Save Energy Programme
  • Directorate of Energy in the capacity of State Designated Agency under government of Himachal Pradesh, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh
    Empanelled  as Energy Audit Firms/ Agencies
  • India SME Technology Services Limited, Small Industrial Development Bank of India (SIDBI), Govt. of India
    Empanelment as technical Consultants/ ESCOs for Implementation of 4E (End to End Energy Efficiency) Solutions in MSME units

Detailed and Investment Grade Energy Audits

Energy Audit involves measurement and identification of Energy pattern of various equipment and systems and identification of gaps in their performance. The Energy Audit enables to identify the problem and suitable solutions with detailed cost-benefit analysis required for the industry to make informed decisions to reduce its energy consumption and cost.

Zenith Energy believes in Instrumented Energy Audit wherein the energy performance of an equipment or system is evaluated with set of portable instruments and the cost benefit analysis would include realistic cost information from multiple vendors/suppliers coupled with a full financial analysis that includes parameters such as NPV, ROI, IRR and Pay-back period required for a bankable/investment grade Energy Audit.

Performance Testing

Zenith Energy offers third party testing of efficiency and performance as per ASME PTC codes for-

Steam Generators (as per ASME PTC 4 – 1998)
Steam Turbines (as per ASME PTC 6S – 1988)
Gas Turbines (as per ASME PTC 22 – 1997)
Gas Turbine Heat Recovery Steam Generator (as per ASME PTC 4.4 – 2008)

Power Quality Audits

The IEEE defines POWER QUALITY as the ability of a system or equipment to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances to anything in that environment.

For economic operation of a power system, the level of power quality should be properly maintained. The quality parameters for power include voltage, frequency, neutral current, harmonics and transience that may affect the equipment or system and cause damage. Such damage may lead to downtime of the equipment, accidents, increased energy consumption, product/service quality problems.

The power quality professionals of Zenith Energy conducts power quality audits for industry and commercial establishments to identify power quality problems and suggest solutions.

Zenith Energy offers Safety audit services as under

  • Audits carried out as per IS 14489:1998 for factories and commercial building

    – General Safety Audit
    – Fire Safety Audit
    – Electrical Safety Audit

Energy monitoring & accounting systems for industry & commercial buildings

Zenith Energy provides consultancy services for implementing energy monitoring system based on meters and instruments for continuous monitoring of energy-related performance parameters of equipment or systems. The continuous monitoring would help in bringing down the energy consumption and cost where the energy consumption has a nexus with behavior of operator/occupants that change continuously. Understanding and controlling the load with the help of monitored data at a central place is the key to keeping a tab on energy cost.

Zenith Energy advice’s its clients for suitable meters, instruments, consoles for data acquisition and transfer to a central server, making sense of the big data generated form the meters and instruments and suggesting suitable corrective measures whenever the energy consumption deviates from the set norm.

Training and consultancy for Energy Management System ISO 50001

Organizations which consider EE as one of the key result area or deploying Energy Management System (EnMS – ISO 50001) to internalize organizations efforts in EE. Zenith Energy helps companies to implement ISO 50001 by providing training, consultancy for documentation and other allied services.

Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) Services

The industry under energy intensive sectors notified by BEE (Designated Consumers) under EC Act 2001 can monetize their energy efficiency performance through Energy Saving Certificates (ESCerts).

Zenith Energy helps DCs in

  • Baseline Energy Audits for fixation of base line energy consumption recommendation of target according to BEE rules.
  • Mandatory Energy Audits and Action Plan to help DCs to identify and implement EE projects to achieve the notified target.
  • Monitoring and Verification (M&V) Audits for verification of actual achievement of energy consumption vis-à-vis the target and issue relevant forms for requirement/entitlement of ESCerts.

Sector/policy studies and capacity building

Zenith Energy helps industry bodies, Government ministries/departments, multi lateral agencies in conducting technology, market and policy studies and capacity building of various stakeholders. Zenith Energy brings in a multi disciplinary approach by deploying experienced and high quality professionals from various walks.